Cloud Access Controls and Security for Education

New advances in technology have made security measures tighter and more defensive for schools. At Access Technologies, we offer a variety of security devices, programs, and services to ensure the safety of school and college campuses. Our services surrounding school safety and security are superior because our systems can be monitored through the cloud making them both affordable, and user-friendly.

We offer video surveillance and security camera installation and provide programs and apps that are accessible on the cloud directly from your mobile device and allow you to observe all activity on campus from anywhere at any time.

Should you prefer to have doors with restricted access throughout campus, Access Technologies can provide you with door locks equipped with security codes or badge readers that only authorized staff and faculty can have access to. No matter what your security needs may be, Access Technologies will help you find the best option for your campus.

Digital signage also has its place in campus security. If necessary, you can immediately post cautions and alerts around the school in the event of a fire drill, an evacuation, or a campus lockdown. This system can be customized meaning specific alerts can be automated to display during certain situations, or you can display them as needed. From your computer desk or mobile device, you can immediately send new displays to your digital signs through the cloud. You can also have an emergency communication system set up to alert students, teachers, and parents by text message, phone call, or email, if there is a dangerous situation on campus, with the help of the cloud.

At Access Technologies, we understand that in today’s world, security is a high priority for educational institutions. No matter what your school needs to stay safe and secure, Access Technologies can create and install a customized cloud-based system to protect your campus. Contact us today, to learn more about our cloud-based access control and physical security services.