Access Controls and Cloud Computing for Utilities

Utilities play a large role in the way cities, developments, and homes run. They have a profound effect on the way citizens live their daily lives. Providing technicians with solutions to easily monitor the sensors on the equipment at these facilities is crucial to their operation.

Oftentimes, the facilities in which utilities are managed, are in far off, geographically challenging areas. This makes it difficult to perform changes or handle emergencies in a timely manner, especially when every passing second matters. Access Technologies provides the necessary means and solutions to monitor these sensors, allowing technicians to remotely adjust controls based on real-time sensor readings and keep utilities secure and functioning without error.

Access Technologies’ managed cloud services allow utilities to maintain proper function and give technicians access to alerts and reports on the efficiency of the facilities. If a sensor is not working properly or data from a sensor seems abnormal or unusual, an alert can notify the appropriate personnel to handle the issue immediately. Likewise, if there is an issue with the security of a facility, an alert can be sent to the person managing that facility on their cell phone so that they may be notified instantly.

Our products are durable, and our services are reliable. We understand government requirements when it comes to keeping electric and gas utilities secure. From physical security and door locks, to monitoring sensors and data, our high quality products and services are meant to fit your needs without unnecessary interruptions or sacrificing convenience. For more information on our access control solutions for utilities, contact us today.