Access Controls for Government Use

When it comes to government security, reliable and trustworthy solutions are mandatory. At Access Technologies, we provide elite security services to keep your facilities safe and secure.

We understand that not everyone is allowed access into certain areas of a building. In government agencies, there are certain areas that contain classified information that only certain people are granted clearance and access to. We provide advanced security cameras with cloud-based control systems, and cutting-edge keyless entry door locks.

Our security systems are designed to integrate with all of your physical security software and hardware to provide you with a single point of control. This becomes very important if the need for an immediate security response occurs. These systems alert you immediately in the event of a security breach, and allow you to monitor and coordinate the movement in and around your building.

Video surveillance and security cameras allow you to monitor and track the activity that goes on within your building as well as the areas around your building including access gates, parking lots, main entrances, and exits. Now, with our cloud-based control system, you can control and monitor the live feed from the security cameras directly from your mobile devices. You no longer need to spend time anchored to a desk to review the feed. You can monitor it from anywhere at any time as long as you have an internet connection.

With keyless entry door locks, you can be sure that the only people that enter the facility are those that have authorized access. Doors can be unlocked with the use of fobs, photo badges, iris scans, or fingerprints. You can easily control who is granted and who is denied access with our cloud-based control system. Whether you need to protect people, equipment, or information, Access Technologies has an access control and security solution for your department.

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